Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we bring our own Beer? Alcohol??
    A. Nope, sorry!  We sell beer and wine to folks over 21. We have sodas and water for the young folks.

Q. Where is the nearest lodging, camping, RV park etc??
    A. Fredericksburg, Texas is the nearest place and here is a link for lodging.

Q. Can we bring our kids?
    A. You better! They have the MOST fun here in our town. Frogs, creeks, chickens, dirt, grassy areas, hills, trees to climb…

Q. Can we bring our dog?
    A. Absolutely..just keep it on a leash.  P.S.  Dogs are not allowed to French kiss the event manager..Thanks!

Q. Can we chase your chickens??
    A. NO sorry!

Q. Can we take pictures or videos?
    A. Yes, please do and post them everywhere, ‘specially Pinterest!  Be sure and tag us!

Q. How do we find you?
    A. Drive until you find yourself…right here (link to map)

Q. We bought tickets to a show can we get a refund?
    A. Oh man, hate when that happens. Sorry you can’t make it. We can’t refund the money..give’em to your best friend!

Q. Who owns Luckenbach?
    A. Not the State of Texas. Not the Universe. Hondo’s family owns Luckenbach.

Q. Who is Hondo??
    A. Well..he is the guy who’s spirit overcomes you when you suddenly realize you are SOMEBODY! (link to history)