Ask Men Magazine: Top 10 North American Motorcycle Routes

By Daniel Harrison
Travel Specialist - Every 2nd Thursday


In our previous look at the Top 10 International Motorcycle Routes, we justified the idea of burning through your vacation days on two wheels in other continents. This time, we’re staying in North America. Not that it makes the selection process easier; we could easily compile a Top 10 like this for nearly every state and province on this giant landmass. But since time and space don’t allow for Top 510 lists, we had to eliminate some very decent routes. So like Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider, we hit the road looking for answers. Here are 10 highlights we found.

Number 10 Texas Hill Country


With the great city of Austin as a starting point, the temptation to stay will be almost as strong as the will to ride. Once logic prevails, head west on Highway 290 into Texas Hill Country. It begins to enchant even before you’re out of the ‘burbs -- don’t be surprised if this area leaves a long-lasting impression. Bear southwest toward Kerrville and be sure to wander the Highway 39 area. The Guadalupe River Valley area sees little traffic and offers a variety of terrain.

Tour highlight: Luckenbach, Texas, just off Highway 290, near Fredericksburg. Immortalized in the Waylon Jennings tune, Luckenbach is one of the most biker-friendly spots you’ll find. In fact, park it and spend a night: The live music is great and the Lone Star beer tastes better there than any other place on earth.

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