Waylon sang in his #1 Hit, Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas - Now Luckenbach Texas is coming to you!

New Book, New Store and Exhibit at Country Music Hall of Fame Museum Spurs Daughters to Take Luckenbach’s Place In Country Music History Nationwide

LUCKENBACH TEXAS, February 1st, 2019 — In 1973, Jerry Jeff Walker and the Last Gonzo Band recorded the live album ¡Viva Terlingua! At Luckenbach Texas – one of the albums that music historians point to that helped launch “Outlaw Country Music” that ushered in a generation of music’s most celebrated artists such as Walker, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Jessi Colter. It was also a place where some of the best Outlaw musicians would come and perform in the late ’90s at Willie’s annual 4th of July picnic and Jerry Jeff’s Laborfest.

In 1973, 21-year-old, Cris Graham, was living in San Antonio, TX just back from Colorado. Her father, the legendary Hondo Crouch anointed himself the Mayor of Luckenbach having purchased it, handing out business cards with the title “Imaginer – Authorized Distributor.” Just like the outlaw musicians, Hondo wanted to control his own artistry, and Luckenbach was the perfect stage. Now, almost half a century later, Cris and her sister Becky Crouch Patterson wish to honor and spread those special moments in history.

“Hondo Crouch wasn’t just a funny, friendly guy. He was a poet and a good one,” penned Willie Nelson in his 1978 tribute to Hondo and Luckenbach. “Like everybody else, I loved Hondo and remember him under the trees reciting ‘Luckenbach Moon.’ I wish everyone could have heard him do that before he died.”

Cris and her business partner, Kit Patterson, opened the store Luckenbach on Main this summer in downtown Fredericksburg with the goal of spreading the legacy of Luckenbach and Hondo to the growing number of tourists. With Willie, or Jerry Jeff’s music playing from the entrance and a crowd outside, the store is hard to miss. Her sister Becky is also out with a brand new book, Luckenbach TX, the Center of the Universe. “We want to bring Luckenbach’s energy and attitude to Main Street,” said Cris.

Jerry Jeff’s response to the new store was typically animated. “Scare me!! 50 years! Susan and I were married at Luckenbach in 1975. Hondo would be so proud to be on the Main Street and smoothment.”

With Austin filmmaker Eric Geadelmann’s highly anticipated documentary series “They Called Us Outlaws” set for a 2019 release and The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum giving the era its due with a major exhibit that Geadelmann co-curated, (“Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring 70’s), Cris thinks it's a perfect time to remind the world of the significance that Luckenbach plays in the history of outlaw country music.

Critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated Texas singer-songwriter, Jack Ingram, considered among the best of the “next generation” of Outlaw musicians and who narrates Geadelmann’s documentary, is a big supporter of Cris’ goals.

“Without Luckenbach, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kris, Waylon, Jessi and the musicians that created that sound, I would not be here today,” said Ingram. “I love everything Luckenbach stands for – it is a spirit that her dad and the musicians who played there created and all of us are committed to seeing that legacy continue.”

“Luckenbach and the outlaw music and spirit that my dad loved so much will always be special,” said Cris. “The energy created there is as powerful today as it was then – Hondo wanted it to live on for future generations.”

Today, Luckenbach still brings in some of the best artists and has established itself as a place to have fun and get-away, but a place with its own rules.

Outlaw to the core.

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