Monday-Wednesday: 12pm-9pm
or Sometimes later...

Lone Star Queso con Carne – A bowl of hot melted cheese dip with a big scoop of Lone Star chili topped $7 w/fresh pico de gallo on a heap of fresh-fried tortilla chips.

Big Tex Taco Salad- A bed of fresh-fried tortilla strips...w/ chili, beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, $10 cilantro and topped with a housemade avocado-creme sauce.

Fish and Chips
A basket full of beer-battered catfish filets on a bed of fresh cut fries. $12

Beer-Battered Fried Catfish Tacos
- 2 tacos w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, sriracha and avocado-creme. $10

Pulled Pork Tacos
- 2 slow-roasted tacos w/ fresh pico, queso fresco, avocado creme & lime wedges. $10

Lone Star
Beef Tacos- 2 chili beef tacos w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and avocado creme. $7


Pulled Pork Sandwich- Slow-roasted, pulled-pork, piled high w/ housemade BBQ sauce, onion & pickle. $8

Fried Catfish Sandwich
-Beer-battered catfish w/Amer cheese, lettuce, red onion, sriracha & tartar sauce. $8

Boss Hawg Dawg
- Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hotdog, piled w/ pulled pork, fried onions, jalapenos $10 and Aimee’s housemade sweet bourbon sauce.

Lone Star
Dawg- Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hotdog, w/ housemade Lone Star chili, onions and cheese. $8

German Kraut Dawg
- Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hotdog, w/housemade kraut (sauteed w/beer, bacon $8 onions), drizzled with a spicy brown mustard.


Deep-Fried, Bacon-Wrapped Dawg- PLAIN $5

>>>FRESH CUT FRIES (a minimum wait of 10 minutes)<<<


Lone Star Chili & Cheddar- Fresh cut fries covered in housemade Lone Star chili & cheddar cheese. $7


Parmesan & Garlic- Fresh cut fries drizzled with garlic butter & parmesan cheese. $7


Loaded- Fresh cut fries with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives. $7


Plain or "Slap Yo Mama" Seasoning $5


Bag of Chips $1


Bottled Water $2


Sweet Tea and Unsweetened Tea $2


Aimee’s Famous Apple Pie Fries – Granny Smith Apples deep-fried to perfection, tossed in cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with caramel. $7


<<<<Now taking all major credit cards>>>