The Luckenbach Bar

"If you're drinking to forget, please pay in advance."

The Luckenbach Bar has more soul per square inch than any other, anywhere!" In the center of the cozy bar is a wood-burning iron stove that heats up deer sausage in the winter and is a nest for mama chickens in the spring.

*Taxidermied deer heads from the '20's are so moth-eaten they appear to smile.*

A chair placed in the ceiling with a sign, "Reserved for Benny" awaiting the return of a loyal patron who passed away.

At The Luckenbach Bar, we like to philosophize, drink longnecks, play dominos, and tell stories in the bar.

Most everyday you'll find singer/songwriters from near and afar playing their latest compositions. On weekends, crowds gather out under the huge live oaks to listen to the jam sessions. Come on by and enjoy a longneck, listen to the music and tell a story or two at the Luckenbach Bar.