The Road to Luckenbach Texas
 Get Directions From: Fredericksburg, TX
Austin, Tx San Antonio, TX

  Physical Address for GPS
  412 Luckenbach Town Loop
  Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Hondo's Directions: 

  • You get on I-10, go to 87, get off on 290, you know... where that dead deer
    is in the ditch.
  • Then you take a right on that farm-to-market road. You know, where that cattle guard is? And that mawkin' bird nest?
  • Then take a left, go through a bump gate, two wooden gates, and a wire gap.
  • Then you'll find Luckenbach in the canyon. No, well, it's more like a rut."
  • On second better just print out the map!
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