Weddings and Parties

Not only can you rent the world famous Luckenbach Dance Hall, you can rent the whole dang place! All ten magnificent acres! For weddings, receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, family reunions, graduations and surprize parties...the Luckenbach Dance Hall is ideal for social gatherings of any kind.

Catered BBQ, Mexican or "gore-may" meals are easily arranged and we can help you find a dance band to suit your occasion. The Dance hall rental includes use of a portion of the patio, campfire and surrounding parking areas. Anytime the Dance hall is in use, the General Store, Post Office and Beer Joint are open, too.

Luckenbach stocks many brands of beer in both longnecks and cans. Don't tell nobody, but, we offer a house red, white and riesling by the glass, sodas and bottled water.

Luckenbach Texas Party Perfesshunals

Let us plan your entire event! Luckenbach has an excellent working relationship with caterers, floral designers, cake decorators, dance bands and photographers. You do the partying, let us do the work!

Luckenbach Party Information

Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, surrounded by majestic old oaks and pecans, Luckenbach can be the perfect setting for your special event or party. If you are interested in renting our legendary dance hall we can help you plan a wedding, reception, party or meeting that will be memorable!!


The dance hall is equipped with 29 picnic-style tables with pull up benches comfortably seating 150–225 people, leaving a large dance floor available. Additional tables can be rented to accommodate larger crowds up to 300.

  • The stage is equipped with convenient electrical outlets and lighting, a backstage loading area and two backstage rooms.
  • The main dance hall area has ceiling fans and twinkle lights throughout. Windows open on all sides of the dance hall for comfortable air circulation. A wheelchair ramp is available, also.
  • A brick patio is located at the front of the dance hall and is included in the rental. Become a "legend" and purchase an engraved brick!


A private bar can be set up for your party. It will be stocked with up to 6 varieties of beer, your choice. Water and soft drinks. Special wines and champagne are also available by special order. We will staff the private party bar with a TABC certified bartender and a barback (plus a gratuity on open and modified bars).

Available bar options are:

  • OPEN BAR: tab is run and applied to your rental
  • CASH BAR: guests pay at the bar
  • MODIFIED: an open bar limit is established prior to the party
  • Or you have the option of your guests purchasing their drinks at our "Beer Joint" located just across the road from the dance hall.


We require a sociable security guard for all private parties to insure that only your invited guests attend. Additional security may be required for parties larger than 150 guests or parties where guests arrive by busload.


We highly recommend the following caterers for private events in Luckenbach. Whether you want exotic flavors or down home lip smacking BBQ, they have you covered! My Own Chef can accomodate any sweet tooth...just name your preferred version...pie, cake, cookies, brownies, fudge, tarts, candy, donuts and on and on! You can't beat Salt Lick's Cobbler w/ a side of Blue Bell Vanilla :)


We continue to develop a long list of dance bands that are compatible with the atmosphere of the dance hall. Taking into consideration your budget, music interest and the band's availability, we can have just about "anybody" play at your party!


The atmosphere of our old time dance hall lends itself to a wide variety of decorating ideas. Anything from western to formal, from extravagant to the "dance hall is it's own décor". These pictures show you some of the decorating ideas that others have used, or you can create your own and become part of our gallery! The dance hall is over 100 years old and made entirely of wood, we ask that no candles or open flames be used.

PRICES (only available Sunday-Friday)

Rental rates can vary, depending on day or season. Rental Rate includes tables, benches, private bar set up, security and a place on the grounds for your ceremony. Additional expenses to you include your bar tab, catering and entertainment.

For additional information and availability please call 888-311-8990 or Click Here to request more information!